Hi, Liz here, secretary and all round grouch of Hair of the Dog Rescue.
I fell in love with dogs when I was, well…to tell the truth I cannot remember never not
loving our canine companions. Why rescue for me? For those who know me, you will know that I am a rescued human myself. I believe in second chances, and sometimes even a third chance. I have had pedigrees and I currently have a pug, Miss Lillian (queen of the house) to this very day.
However I have had a Frank for many years, a cross pug, the best dog and companion without doubt, ask anyone who had the experience of meeting our boy. Frank left us for Rainbow Bridge last October and it was then, I knew that I had to do more than give money, more than adopt, I had to put my heart on the line. You see Frank was a rescue dog, but he was more, he was my friend, he was also my confidant, he knew more about me than anyone. I now have two adopted babies in my home, the exquisite Lady (Aussie Bulldog) and her side kick, the beautiful Tippy, from a previous rescue that I was involved in for a short time, to Saffron on the Hill I thank you for my adopted fur girls.
We have an amazing team, with all sorts of talents, however the important thing is, that we all love and are very passionate about dogs and their welfare. We are committed to rescuing and rehabilitating dogs that may otherwise end up on death row, puppy farms, or organised dog fighting.

Hi my name is Di. I am the Vice President at Hair of the Dog Rescue Inc.
Just to let you know a little about myself. 15yrs ago I adopted RUFUS, my beautiful Anatolian Shepherd from the Lort Smith Dogs Home. When Rufus crossed the rainbow bridge, I again adopted another rescue this time a Great Dane named Eddie (named after Eddie from Absolutely Fabulous). Yes, you could say I was a large breed person. However, this all changed when I fostered some pugs, (larger than life breed in little bodies) that I then adopted. I refer to myself as a foster failure. So, currently I have two pugs Fred 6yrs (puppy farm rescue) and Saffie 3yrs (puppy farm). I look forward to being a part of a team that respects the great work of other animal welfare organisations and we are aiming to be friendly and work collaboratively with them, in the prevention of cruelty to our canine friends.
I bring years of experience in fundraising and volunteer work:
APPS (Keysborough Shelter Vic)
Saffron on the Hill Dog Rescue Inc.
Austin A30 Car Club

Graham is currently a locksmith with an professional accounting background and excited about being part of Aus. Hair of the Dog Rescue Inc, having provided ‘forever’ homes for a number of rescue dogs. Companion dogs have been an important part of Graham’s life for over 70 years.

Hiya. I’m Emma and I am so very excited to be a part of the Hair of the Dog Rescue family.
I am rather new to dog rescue but have a strong passion for the rights of animals and a strong supporter of the organisations that protect them. Me and my husband Andrew are building our new home outside of Warragul. I work with children with disabilities in a specialist school and with an organisation that provides families with children with disabilities respite. I love my job but want to move on to nursing, which I am studying at Monash University. I have a very strong family and a lovely fur family of 2 dogs that I have rescued – Jess a 15 year old poodle and Lola is 2 and our newest baby. I have 3 cats, 2 of which I hand raised and 1 of them is completely blind but is the best fly catcher you will meet! I am looking forward to being a part of an amazing rescue family and giving rescue dogs a loving family of their own.